One new necessity in luxury home living is home automation technology. This home automation technology allows homeowners to remotely control their custom home lighting, locks, surveillance cameras, heat, air conditioning, sprinklers, music, television, DVD, Blu-Ray, and video game systems from the comfort of their couch. New home automation technology even allows homeowners to control various features and appliances from their computer or smart phone. For example, families can keep an eye on teenage children from their phone while away on vacation. With home automation, homeowners can also set schedules for specific lights to turn on and off in order to save on their electric bill. For families with multiple homes, these home automation and automation systems will be extremely valuable.

Naturally, this custom home amenity is all about convenience. Homeowners will never have to get off the couch to turn off the lights and start a movie. Music can be turned on in specific rooms with the home speaker system and home automation technology. It’s almost like having your entire custom home in the palm of your hand wherever you go. But the home automation systems have a number of other advantages as well. They foster safety and security of custom homes with automated locks and surveillance. Custom home automation can also lean towards cost-effective, green technology. With these systems, heat and air conditioning can be turned on and off as needed. Whether on vacation or on the way home from work, homeowners can prepare the temperature of the home for their arrival without wasting money on unnecessary heating or cooling. Aside from the tremendous convenience, these additional factors of safety and energy-efficiency make home automation systems extremely worthwhile.

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