Have you ever wanted to watch TV from your swimming pool? On a beautiful day, have you ever wished your whole living room were outside? Custom home designs have the answer to this seemingly wishful thinking.

A rising trend in the custom home design industry has begun to turn homes inside out. In other words, custom home designs are quickly bringing every luxury of indoor living through the backdoor and into the outdoor living area. Today, custom home residents can relax comfortably in an outdoor living room, cook up a three-course meal in the outdoor kitchen, have drinks at a swim-up bar, or spend a romantic night in front of the outdoor fireplace. With fully-equipped cabanas, outdoor kitchens with every appliance, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, new outdoor lighting technology, and luxurious pools, landscapes, and masonry structures, custom homes allow families to comfortably enjoy their back yards at all hours and in every way.

Why the new custom home design trend? The luxury inside custom homes has inspired homeowners to bring the same level of ease and comfort to the outdoors. In addition, one might argue that the comfort of today’s custom homes makes it difficult to leave the house and go on vacation. As a result, homeowners seek to provide a resort-like atmosphere in their very own back yard.

On a more literal level, bringing the indoors out has also reached a turning (or sliding) point for custom home designs. Picture a living room with a large window looking out onto the outdoor living area. The window is actually more of a glass wall, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Suddenly on a beautiful day, at the push of a button, the glass wall opens and brings the swimming pool or dining patio right into your living room. New, floor-to-ceiling, sliding glass walls can now run on tracks and be automatically opened to transform rooms inside custom homes into a sheltered patio area. With technology like this, the custom home design industry cannot deny the trend of turning custom homes inside out. Whether literally bringing indoor living rooms into the open air or providing an outdoor living room itself, today’s custom home designs have the ability to extend the luxury of custom home living to the entire property rather than just the home.